Defeat Ecology, Kill a Tree for Kicks

 - Dec 17, 2008   Updated: May 18 2011
References: mocoloco
I would like a wooden shoe, wouldn't you? If you're not happy after wearing walnut on your feet all day, don't bark at me, you sap. Just leaf me alone.

Here's the deal, Woodwalk is making a limited edition (dur) wooden shoe for K-SWISS which will be produced by Eleganz. It's an urban tree for your organic feet.

Implications - The shoe design was first computer-generated so that the makers could be extremely precise. The wooden K-SWISS shoes are hand-sculpted and are so rare that the makers are only creating 25 of them. Since they are one-of-a-kind, you probably wouldn't be wearing them too often. They would make for a great home decoration though!