These Whimsical Animal Drawings are Done on Rounds of Tree Trunks

 - Dec 3, 2015
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American artist known as Etsy shop owner Gracemere Woods creates breathtaking and fanciful wilderness tree paintings that depict animals, landscapes and nature on round slices of tree trunks. The illustrations capture the untamed aesthetic of nature with beautifully detailed designs using recycled canvases.

Gracemere Wood's products offer an artistic approach to reusing wood by transforming the pieces into canvases for drawings. The illustrations capture landscapes of mountains, starry skies and forests along with animals and wildlife depicted in cool tone colors. The paintings are realistic in style with creative liberties taken with colors as, for example, owls are shown in an array of blue color tones. Each of the handmade pieces utilize the wood as an equal focal point in the paintings allowing the grain of the wood to shine through.