Old Fashioned Rooftops Made of Scrap Wood Make a Comeback

 - Feb 1, 2010
References: jetsongreen & treehugger
Tree Bark shingles last longer than any other type of sidings for your home. They were first seen on craftsman style housed from the early 1900s, it's still a fashionable addition to some buildings that have been constructed over a century later. Tree bark shingle reflect a rustic, woodsy appearance for the home.

In opposition to other types of sidings, cedar needs the least amount of maintenance. Vinyl siding can last about 20 years, but tree barks shingles installed on the building in 1895 are still going strong. Every 10 years or so, the tree bark shingles will need staining but they're still a great addition to your home. Another cool ting about them is that they're eco-friendly since their sourcing is sustainable, since the trees are cut for the furniture industry anyway and the bark is left alone to rot or get burned.