Kill Long Hours on the Plane with the TrayVu IFE System

 - Sep 14, 2011
References: prnewswire & ubergizmo
In-flight entertainment is taking on a different form thanks to the TrayVu IFE from Skycast Solution.

The TrayVu IFE is an interesting take on in flight entertainment on airplanes that’ll change the form of the current system for a better alternative. This is the first tray-integrated multimedia service that’s ever been seen. It has a touchscreen feature, HD resolution, Wi-Fi and flexible viewing angles. All tech enthusiasts will be happy to hear that the TrayVu runs on an Android platform. The biggest benefit of it all is the fact that Skycast Solutions promises that this is only the fraction of the cost of seat-back systems. 

The TrayVu IFE definitely looks impressive. This new technology will benefit both airlines and its loyal fliers.