TrayTable is Ideal for Lighthearted Decoration and Practical Purposes

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: bao-nghi
There's an undoubted appeal to fancy furniture but there's something to be said for the practicality that comes with more casual pieces like this charming TrayTable. Height-wise it hits 110 centimeters, making it an idea surface for displaying vases of flowers, clocks and little sculptures but it's got a sweet contemporary appearance and an adaptability that make it much handier to have around.

Bao-Nghi Droste Design created this shallow side table with a narrow rectangular top and four splayed spindly wooden legs. Should the object be knocked, it has a raised perimeter to protect its contents from tumbling off. An additional elevated panel can also be placed on top to create a sliver of concealed storage in the TrayTable and to accommodate more items on top. A row of tiny pegs below the blue ledge enables you to hook both gadgets and garments for a tidier room.