From Playful Netball Perches to Shelf-Topped Chairs

 - May 14, 2013
For the majority of us that will never have a throne to call our own, you can still find regal proportions in the designs of these chairs with height-defying backrests. This roundup of stretched-out seats include towering creations that are sculptural, multi-functional and interactive.

While some of these chairs are just aesthetically pleasing, many of these vertically exaggerated backrests take on a dual purpose to make the most of the added height. Some creative examples have maximized the chair's potential with integrated features like storage, lighting and even basketball hoops.

Though you probably won't be running out to buy multiples of this type of chair to sit around your dining table -- unless you like the look of a fun house -- these chairs make excellent standalone statement pieces and space-savers.