ONEMERINOS are Multi-Functional and Aesthetically Minimalist

 - May 10, 2018
References: kickstarter
ONEMERINOS balances aesthetics and function in such a way that makes the accessories suitable for the business environment and exceptional travel socks. Made out of 80% merino wool, the product boasts incredibly versatile and adaptive benefits, especially for those who endorse the active lifestyle. From anti-bacterial and breathable properties to high-end insulation and effective climate regulation, ONEMERINOS have a perfect recipe for on-the-go individuals who require high-performing fabrics.

In addition, the travel socks are made to be durable with superior comfort, softness and a minimalist silhouette. The length of ONEMERINOS extends to mid-shin and the travel socks boast a design that is made in Germany. Without a doubt, these travel socks are an excessively practical product that will prove to be a worthwhile investment.