The Third Installment of this Travel Diary is the Most Insightful Yet

 - May 12, 2014
References: samlivm.tumblr & c-heads
The third installment of the 'Paracosm Travel Diaries' offers more insight into the relationship between Sam LI and Jenna Lipps. The intrepid duo have experienced many beautiful moments together, from magical sunsets to breathtaking views. Though LI remains behind the lens, he manages to capture Lipps at her best and most spontaneous moments, which speaks to the comfortability between the two.

LI especially enjoyed shooting at the ledge of every scene, saying, "It made every moment, every climb and breathe much more in the present. We lived for that." Unfortunately, this fearless spirit got the best of Lipps, who broke her leg attempting to climb a tree. However, this minor setback did nothing to deter her enthusiasm for the journey ahead.

Ultimately, the third segment of the travel diary is impetuous, organic and incredibly beautiful.