Trash Tycoon Hopes to Teach Young Gamers the Virtue in Preservation

 - Oct 19, 2011
References: facebook & treehugger
Whereas almost all real-time strategy games implore players to extract and process the finite minerals of the Earth, Trash Tycoon sends a distinctly unique message: find, salvage and recycle everything possible.

It’s a basic premise among top-down strategy games that the land is to be plundered and ravaged in the name of economic expansion. But Guerillapps, the developers behind Trash Tycoon, is intent on changing that dejecting paradigm. Instead of wanton destruction, the Facebook application charges players with the task of cleaning up the environment by collecting recyclable papers, simple plastics, glass and composted waste. Upcycling plants allow the participating gamers to fabricate all kinds of interesting products using discarded trash. Using the vast Facebook social network, players are ranked against one another by their town’s "Greenness" level. Hopefully, this eco-friendly competition will eventually translate into the real world!