Trained Dogs Find Pirated DVDs In Asia

 - Mar 21, 2007   Updated: Jul 21 2011
Malaysian authorities are now training dogs to find pirated DVDs. The celebrated canine crime-fighting cop counterparts can sniff out polycarbonate in DVDs and CDs, and they sit down when they identify it. These new disguised debriefed dear dogs may not get the salary they deserve, but if the trend continues, following their recent $3 million pirate DVD discovery in southern Malaysia, these pups will be getting a great gourmet dinner.

Implications - What an impressive pair of pups! These crime-fighting canines are tackling one of the entertainment industry's biggest issues with trademark cop dog aplomb. Maybe it's just me, but this sounds like the perfect premise for a movie. Think about it: two dogs with supreme sniff power destroying piracy, the scourge of entertainment lawyers everywhere. Kevin James could star as their loyal, pizza loving trainer. That's a money idea if I've ever heard one.