This Dish is Inspired by Traditional Mexican Corn on the Cob

 - Aug 31, 2015
References: mynameisyeh
The Molly Yeh blog put together a recipe for a spicy side dish that is inspired by traditional Mexican corn on the cob. 'Elote' is a popular Mexican street food that involves boiling or grilling corn in its husk. The dish is traditionally eaten on a stick with toppings such as cheese, mayonnaise or sour cream.

This recipe puts a twist on the popular street food by serving it in salad form. Rather than keeping the kernels on the cob, this recipe involves heating them in a skillet with a variety of spices. The combination of paprika, cayenne and lime juice helps to give the corn a zesty flavor. The salad is then covered with mayo, sour cream and cotija, which mimics the toppings added to traditional Mexican corn on the cob.