The Tracking Point Smart Rifle Turns Anyone into a Sharp Shooter

 - Sep 27, 2013
References: news.cnet & fastcompany
The release of the Tracking Point Smart Rifle signals a new age of firearms, one in which anyone can be a sharp shooter. It is a hi-tech gun that helps people to accurately hit a moving target at 1,200 yards, which is about two thirds of a mile. That's something straight out of a 'Bourne Identity' movie.

Essentially, the Tracking Point Smart Rifle combines technology from digital cameras, mobile devices, and smart displays in order to achieve this level of 'skill' and accuracy. Interestingly, the rifle doesn't just shoot willy nilly either. According to Fast Company, "[Y]ou can 'tag' a target through the scope and press the trigger, but the rifle will wait till you've steered the electronic crosshairs onto the tag before releasing the pin."