New Cat Breed Might Eat You, But So Cute!

 - Feb 25, 2007   Updated: Apr 14 2011
References: life & neatorama
It's always fun to see breeders 'playing God' to see what sort of animals they can create. The latest new breed is the Toyger, registered with TICA as a new breed of cat. So far there are about 400 Toygers, although Judy Sugden, the breeder, is continuing to perfect the breed.

Implications - Judy Sugden's secret (not anymore) genetics lab is located 30 miles outside of L.A. Her facility has several plywood and fence cabins that are home to dozens of her Toygers. The features of this new breed of house cat include being more muscular than the average tame feline as well as having amber-red fur contrasted with black stripes.