The Disney Research ‘Touche' System is Astonishing

 - May 11, 2012
References: disneyresearch & newscientist
The Disney Research 'Touché' system, which was created in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, remarkably detects gestures. Although the concept is still in development, it gives us an idea as to what the future holds in terms of touch-based technology. Capacitive sensing is the method in which an electrical signal passes through an object and changes when touched. Touché uses multiple frequencies, and that’s what differentiates its abilities from that of a smartphone touch screen.

Imagine coming home after a long day of work and propping down on the couch, with a bag of chips, only to realize that your remote is nowhere to be found. This technology would come into play; for example, the system could be setup so that once you sit on the couch, the television would automatically turn on. Or how about controlling the features on your phone by touching your fingers together? That will all be possible with the Touché by Disney Research.

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