The Images for My Neighbor Totoro Theme Park are Adorably Cute

 - Apr 26, 2018
References: & hypebeast
Studio Ghibli announced the planned development of the My Neighbour Totoro theme park that is scheduled to open in 2020 and the visual renditions of the project are quite whimsical, creative and adorable. Unlike the industrial-like and painfully to-the-point computerized imagery of architectural proposals, Studio Ghibli embraces its creative style and the childhood-like aesthetic that is contained within the notion of a theme park. Therefore, the visual imagery for the not-yet-finished My Neighbor Totoro theme park is very sweet and paint-inspired — "depicted in the studio's iconic style."

Naturally, the attractions within the fun establishment are inspired directly from the My Neighbor Totoro movie — from the 'Dondoko Forest' which is an area within the park, named after the "dondoko dance" to the Princess Mononoke-themed village.