Q4 Architects' Tornado-Proof House is Suitable for All Climates

 - Jan 23, 2014
References: thegridto & q4architects
This tornado-proof house design is one of three winning entries that was part of the Designing Recovery Competition held by the American Institute of Architects. The CORE House by Q4 Architects is a conceptual design made for Joplin, Missouri, which is an area that is prone to cyclones.

All of the home’s primary spaces are located at its core, which offers a safe place to retreat to in the case of a tornado warning, or if the home is damaged during a natural disaster. Q4 Architects notes that it kept the materials of the house light, since most destruction comes from flying debris and this would reduce damage done to neighboring houses.

Some of the unique features of the CORE House include tight-sealing doors, windows with hurricane shutters and even connectors around the perimeter of the house to increase the likelihood that the roof will stay attached. As well, the house has a rainwater collection and filtration system that produces potable water if tap water is unavailable post-disaster.