"Who Controls the World?"

 - Aug 9, 2008
References: whocontrolstheworld
This is a great post found in the new site called Whocontrolstheworld.com, which is a resource for activist news, information about “free trade” and the corporate takeover of politics. This post has the top issues (described by their symbols, created by designer Cori Johnson) that led over 50,000 people to take to the streets in Seattle 1999 and halt the WTO's frightening escalation of power.

I think few people realize just how dangerous those times were, and how grateful we should be for the heroic efforts of those protesters. Some of the stories of the WTO's interference in US and Canadian government are frightening. Here's a list of the top protest issues with links to each post:

* WTO: World Trade Organization

* GMO's, Agribusiness and the Death of Nature

* Practice Safe Trade

* Food Safety

* Labor Rights

* Deforestation

* Oceans Alive

* 3rd World Debt

* NAFTA vs. Environmental Law

* Womens & Sweatshops