The Tokyo Sky Tree Mug is a Warm Reminder of the Beautiful Country

For those who miss the land of awesome innovations and constant surprises, a little taste of nostalgia can be provided with a heat-activated Tokyo Sky Tree mug.

Opened earlier this year, the Toyko Sky Tree, the world's tallest broadcasting tower, is quickly becoming a staple and popular tourist location for locals and foreigners. Designed by students in Sumida, Tokyo, the Tokyo Sky Tree mug is dedicated to the monument and illustrates the building against a colorful backdrop inspired by Japan's beautiful natural scenery. As early risers sip their morning cup of coffee outside of Japan, its landscapes can still resonate in their surroundings. When the mug is empty -- or the drink has cooled -- the sky returns to its monochromatic scheme of evening blues and warm orange sunrises, a signal for a fresh cup.