Inax Seat Covers in 11 Colors

 - Oct 30, 2007
References: newlaunches
Why not have a toilet to suit your each and every mood? Inax, a Japanese toilet seat manufacturing company has invented, what I can only describe as, a toilet skin. The Passo is "a warm water washing seat," and comes in nearly a dozen color choices.

"Like the Motorola RAZR, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and many others you can now choose the color of your toilet seat," NewLaunches said. "Available in a choice of 11 pastel colors one of them is sure to match your new bathroom interiors."

For those mornings when you just can't seem to get up, why not put on a bright sunny yellow? Having the girls over before a night out? Let a pretty pink toilet seat cover set the mood for your primping session. And guys, once she leaves the house, you can put that masculine blue back on before your buddies come over.

But staying trendy has a price, a $1,365 price to be exact.