The IllumiBowl Toilet Light Turns on Only When Motion is Detected

 - Dec 9, 2015
References: illumibowl & fancy
Those who get up in the middle of the night to relieve themselves will never have to worry about having to fumble around in the dark ever again thanks to the IllumiBowl Toilet Light. Designed with motion-sensing technology, the IllumiBowl Toilet Light only turns on when there's a person in the bathroom and can be customized to a variety of different colors.

Although the IllumiBowl Toilet Light might seem like a strange product, it's actually very in-line with circadian rhythms; turning on a bright light in the night can disrupt sleep patterns, so the incorporation of a simple bit of light is a healthier approach. As consumers look to improve their sleep using more niche tricks, the IllumiBowl Toilet Light and other similar products will be observed.