This Toilet Brush Contains a Water Jet That Helps Remove Dirt and Grime

 - Jul 2, 2015
References: loogun & digitaltrends
A team of London product designers has created a new toilet brush called the 'Loogun,' which is more sanitary and more powerful than comparable products. While cleaning the toilet is hardly an enjoyable task, the Loogun manages to make this household chore just a little bit easier.

The new toilet brush is equipped with a powerful water jet that sprays directly into the toilet bowl and helps to remove any dirt and grime. The liquid is held in an attached water reservoir, which can hold approximately 10 ounces at a time. The Loogun runs on four AA batteries and should last for about nine months.

Aside from being a powerful cleaning device, the Loogun is more sanitary than compatible products because it never actually touches the toilet itself. In fact, the company says that the device is so hygienic, it is safe enough for toddlers to play with.