The 'To My Husband' Tumblr is a Lesson in Happy Matrimony

If the key to a happy relationship is communication, the 'To My Husband' Tumblr is definitely on to something. The blog is a compilation of tips and memos for a blissful marriage written by women to their future husbands. To hilarious site was created by anonymous advice blogger Coke Talk, known for her straight-forward, raw and sometimes raunchy way of speaking.

The posts on 'To My Husband' range from general life advice to more specific tips, like, "Gordon Ramsay -- Yeah, I know he’s got a face like a cauliflower. So what? He’s hot as f***, and I don’t have to explain my celebrity fantasy list to you."

Men and women will find the 'To My Husband' Tumblr entertaining, as it is both incredibly relatable at times, and outrageously daring and blunt at others.