The tischDECKe and tischDECKle Tables Have Unusually Industrial Drapery

 - Jan 11, 2013
References: & designspotter
It tends to be hit or miss when it comes drawing antique motifs into the sphere of contemporary design and these tischDECKe and tischDECKle tables appear to be the former. The pair of pieces make for eccentric side tables that marry old styles and new in an iconic and idiosyncratic way.

Both are assembled with a basic wooden frame that consists of four supportive legs and an open rectangular top. It's unexpected then that a tablecloth would be able to create a rigid surface. Powder-coated steel was actually used to form the tabletops under the guise of mere linen. Barbara Ott's design is embellished with scalloped hanging edges and perforated doily patterns that give the tischDECKe and tischDECKle side tables a quirky aesthetic of updated vintage taste.