Funders & Fouders' Charts Provide Inspirational Tips for Success

 - Jun 16, 2014
References: fundersandfounders & designtaxi
Anna Vital and Mark Vital from the San Francisco-based start-up Funders and Founders created a helpful series of infographics that relay tips for success. The founders wanted to find a simplified way to simplify your life. They did so by creating relatable drawings of a woman going about her daily activities and then listed inspirational tips around her.

Broken up into sections based on the time of day, the chart lists things you can accomplish if you get up early and ways to work fast and efficiently. It even provides insightful information on what already successful people do each morning. For example, Barrack Obama exercises, while Mark Twain liked to "eat the frog," which means attacking your most dreaded task first.

Simple things like drinking a glass of water before bed and reading a physical book instead of one on an e-reader are also reported as helping people on their path to success.