‘Tiny Worlds’ is a “Trashy” Trilogy

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: rushes & thecreatorsproject.vice
‘Tiny Worlds’ is literally three short films about trash. To be more precise, the rubbish in London. The VFX and computer generated animation agency Rushes decided to make the films to explore what happens to our trash when we aren’t looking.
What really happens to our garbage when we throw it on the street? How is it magically gone the next day, and who removed it for us?

The three ‘Tiny Worlds’ short films are 20 second clips that feature a mini bulldozer, a logging truck and a submarine that struggle with urban life on the street and waste removal. 

The series may have just been a casual project for the creative team but should be the starting idea for a longer environment-conscious film like Wall-E. Perhaps these clips will make you think twice before you litter.