TinderUs Will Increase Your Tinder Matches

 - Jul 23, 2014
References: tinderus & gizmodo
TinderUs is a service geared towards helping you create the best Tinder profile possible.

For the mere price of fifty dollars, you can have a bona fide Tinder coach (I'm not sure what they're basing their credentials off of here) guide you through the delicate process of finding true love based on a few photos and couple of choice words. Brave soul and Jezebel writer Ashley Feinberg shelled out fifty big ones to have a consultant pore through her Facebook with the intention of curating the five photos that best represent her ("something that strikes that delicate balance between fun and not scaring others.")

After selecting her profile images, Feinberg chatted with her online consultant to discuss what she wanted to get out of her Tinder experience. The chat really took the wind out of Feinberg's sails. She explains, "At this point any humor I'd found in TinderUs was overtaken by a creeping sense of dread. Real-life dating coaches are one thing, understandable even. Working up the confidence to talk to strangers in public can be difficult! But Tinder itself is already a crutch, making TinderUs a crutch to the crutch —- and god knows where that ends."