Courier is a Time-Saving Application That Summarizes Emails

 - Jun 12, 2018
References: courierapp
In the fast-paced environment of ever-developing metropolitan cities, a time-saving application is wholeheartedly welcomed. Courier is an iOS app that allows one to be more efficient when tending to an email inbox.

The mobile app relies on an automated summarization technology that allows it to skim the text of emails, highlight the most important parts and produce short summaries. In other words, this time-saving application allows users to quickly read the gist of the message, without having to actually open it. In addition, Courier also incorporates a playful emoji filter to its algorithm to signify the type of email. This feature allows users to easily prioritize their messages — from the robot emoji that signifies a newsletter blast to the speakerphone to symbolize a type of reminder.