This Beautiful Timelapse Video Shows How Snowflakes Form

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: vimeo & laughingsquid
This timelapse snowflake video finally shows us what many of us were wondering about. In this video, we get to see the exact process of a snowflake forming, up close and personal.

The video is called Snowtime and was made by Vimeo user Vyacheslav Ivanov. The video is set on a black background and the snowflakes are illuminated. The backdrop versus the imagery of the snowflake makes the snowflakes pop even more as the backdrop is in stark contrast to the snowflake on the forefront.

The timelapse snowflake goes from literally nothing and slowly forms itself into its completely one-of-a-kind design in a slowed down matter so you can see every detail. The entire process was caught by a microscope -- for those who are wondering how one can catch a snowflake in the act.