The Time Since Launch Clock Counts Up from Momentous Occasions

 - Jun 18, 2018
References: kickstarter & yankodesign
The Time Since Launch clock does not tell users what time of day it is, instead, it counts up from a specific date, allowing users to measure the time since a certain event. Designed by CW&T, this unique time-measuring device observes time as something that is always moving, never stopping and something that never comes full circle. In this regard, the Time Since Launch essentially adds a bookmark in time and allows users to appreciate how far they have come since that moment.

The device itself is a borosilicate tube with two LCD screens encapsulated inside. A pin is affixed to one of the two aluminum caps and once it is pulled, the clock will begin counting up. The screen of the Time Since Launch clock counts hours, minutes and seconds, and is capable of counting 999,999 days or 2,739 years.