Ornsro Timber Town Features Wooden Buildings and Parkland

 - Jun 10, 2016
References: slattoforvaltning.se & cfmoller
Ornsro Timber Town is a wonderfully eco-friendly and pleasant development, scheduled to be located in the center of the Swedish town of Ornsro, that is designed by CF Moller Architects and CF Moller Landscape as part of a partnership with Slatto Forvaltning.

What makes Ornsro Timber Town unique is the fact that it is effectively a et of urban quarters that are designed to both complement and supplement the surrounding urban environment by adding a welcome touch of green space as well as aesthetically pleasing architecture that respects the town's unique character. The development will make use of wooden buildings and urban landscapes that will seamlessly blend into parkland.

This development project brings together the best of sustainable architecture and design to enhance citizens' enjoyment of their town as well as tourists' appreciation of the area's aesthetic beauty.