These Tillman Kaiser Creations Test the Boundaries of Perception

These Tillman Kaiser art pieces are part of the Vienna-based artist's latest series entitled 'The Truth And The Abstract Blues.' Featured in London's Wilkinson Gallery, these alluring artworks test human perception, providing viewers with a geometric optical illusion and a boldly graphic inspiration.

Displaying a variety of layered canvas pieces, these Tillman Kaiser artworks resemble paper sculptures, ready to be folded into a three-dimensional object. From hexagonal forms to diamond-infused shapes, these kaleidoscopic reliefs push visual boundaries.

Keeping in tune with the kaleidoscope craze that is sweeping the world of fashion and design, these simplistic, yet meticulous art pieces make for stunning wall ornaments. The Truth And The Abstract Blues exhibition by Tillman Kaiser is multi-faceted, showcasing hidden dimensions in each of its sharp and angular corners.