Tilda Swinton by Tim Walker is a Fairy Queen in this Photoshoot

The photoshoot starring Tilda Swinton by Tim Walker, a famed photographer based in London, England, is full of surreal qualities. This is only natural since the British actress herself is often considered an otherworldly being with her piercing eyes, pale skin and androgynous good looks. The photographer capitalizes on these features by placing her in unique costumes and scenarios.

By focusing on extravagance and romance, the photoshoot starring Tilda Swinton by Tim Walker plays with the mind in only the best of ways. It is amazing to see how she can morph into a number of different characters while maintaining a strong hold on her own ethereal existence. It's a testament to her strong brand and unique qualities that these images stand out as they due. Walker and Swinton partner for pure art.