Get on Board with the Advancement of Hosiery Couture

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: trendreports
Women's hosiery has adapted to suit the needs of large women, elegant evening affairs and even medical skin conditions. Products like 'Spanx' have revolutionized the way undergarments are worn, allowing consumers to appear thinner and more sleek. Dresses, micro minis and capri pants have all catered to the thin pieces, often recognized as a stylish second layer of skin. The Tights Trend Report has picked up on the feminine preference, showcasing some of the most advanced prints and fabrics.

Anatomy-themed leggings and confectionery stockings have hit storefronts, causing fashion labels to rethink what may be seen as an afterthought. The excess of creative designs here indicates that nylons have indeed become a new centerpiece, often the only products sold by brands like the UK-based House of Holland. Clothing manufacturers and photographers looking to get on board with this movement will progress by way of the expert information contained in the Tights Trend Report.