Ticketometer Guarantees Great Turnouts for Fans and Performers

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: ticketometer & springwise
Arriving at a concert venue to find that it's mostly empty can be a real downer for both audience and performer, but a new ticketing service called Ticketometer has found a way to guarantee a good turnout. Essentially, the system makes it easy for bands and fans to rest assured knowing they won't arrive to an empty show.

While entering their information into the website, bands put in their "set-off point," or the amount of tickets they need to sell in order to assure that the event is profitable and well attended. The set-off point is visible to all hopeful attendees, as the artist then sells their tickets through Ticketometer. If the set-off point is not reached the show is canceled and the fans are fully refunded for their tickets.