Fight Crime or Simply Play a Weird Game of Darts Throwing Knives

 - Sep 17, 2013
References: shutupandtakemymoney
Batman fans and target-throwing enthusiasts are in for a treat with these Batman throwing knives. Designed for target board throwing only, these throwing knives could probably kick some criminal ass too.

These small size metal 'Batman'-shaped cutters feature a black and metal finish with 'BAT KING' printed across the center of the knives. The three-piece set is designed with extremely sharp tips that will penetrate target boards and human flesh. The knives also come complete with a throwing pouch to remain undetected from suspecting villains.

Whether you're an amateur target thrower or Batman fanatic, take note of this throwing set that will set you back 10 bucks (totally worth it). The product states very clearly that this is for target throwing practice only -- so don't throw these at people or you'll go to jail.