The Three Cubes Collide Kite Simulates an Unearthly Glow

The 'Three Cubes Collide' kite is an intricately designed flying contraption. The distinctively designed piece is created by UK designers Sash Reading, Heather and Ivan Morison. It is geometric in its shape and has a futuristic aesthetic that is visually stunning as it flies.

This three dimensional cube kite is made up of over a thousand 3D printed pieces. These pieces are connected together to make a dynamic and linear form. Modular 'Three Cubes Collide' kites are made from carbon fibre rods and durable aerospace textiles, allowing for a lightweight design and smooth flying despite of its large size.

This visually stunning and complex piece features delicate geometric gaps that form a triangular pattern and add dimension. When in the air, the kite is penetrated with light that modulates and simulates an unearthly glow.