These Thomas Schostok Collages are Seedy and Risque

 - Apr 16, 2012
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German artist and graphic designer Thomas Schostok blends a variety of pop culture tropes in these mashup magazine covers.

From well-known television figures like Mr. T to historical events to porn-stars, the artist draws from a deep and diverse well. An undeniable (and deliberate) seediness wafts off the collages like wisps of smoke off of a cigarette.

Despite the raunchy overtones, there is a definite thoughtfulness to the work; they capture and convey a familiar if not terribly dignified element of popular culture. Looking at the pieces makes one feel as though they’re sitting on a torn, second-hand sofa in a one-bedroom bachelor with leaky faucets in a city that has seen better days. In other words, the pieces are effective: they produce an emotional effect in the viewer.