Thomas Heatherwick + Penguin Classics Bring Two Novels Closer Together

The latest collaboration between Thomas Heatherwick + Penguin Classics marries two tales. By taking two Evan S. Connell masterpieces, Mrs Bridge and Mr Bridge, legendary English designer Thomas Heatherwick decided to conjoin them. Though the two books are separate they share a twin narrative truly making them intertwined.

The novels are classic American 20th century fiction, and the narrative is based on the lives of an unremarkable family from Kansas City, the Bridges. Each book represents one perspective on the couple’s lives together. The story is perfectly represented in the original and unexpected design by Heatherwick who has created aesthetics in matrimony.

The amazing limited edition print run proves to be the result of an incredible partnership between Thomas Heatherwick + Penguin Classics, and will definitely make a talked about coffee table piece.