Thomas Babeau's Editorial for REVS Features Sleekly Brooding Designs

 - Jul 9, 2013
References: revsmag
Thomas Babeau's latest editorial for REVS Magazine showcases both his incredible fashion photography skills, as well as several sleek evening wear designs.

Starring the dark and brooding model Caroline Von Meissner, this editorial, appropriately titled 'Caroline,' features several eye-catching, geometrically based looks. The geometric qualities of the designs refer to the perfect symmetry featured in each of the ensembles, as well as the ensembles' starkly straight lines and A-line shapes. One ensemble in particular accentuates these features. Consisting of a simple black dress and heels, this outfit might sound pretty unoriginal at first. However, the dress's shape features three-quarter length sleeves and a large bubble skit, giving it almost a vase-like shape that complements perfect Von Meissner's shape.

With these ensembles, both Babeau and REVS have demonstrated that soft, flowing and typically feminine lines are not the only way to dress for formal evenings. With contemporary women's fashion heading in a more androgynous direction, these designs strike the perfect balance between past and present, feminine and masculine.