The 'This is not ok, cupid' Tumblr Promotes Some Hilarious Messages

 - Jul 4, 2012
References: thisisnotokcupid.tumblr
The 'This is not ok, cupid' Tumblr brings to light the creepers out there that make online dating something to be weary of.

The posts vary from one another in that they either include crude, offensive, humorous and sometimes just down right weird things that people say on public dating websites

Whether it is a guy writing a long in-depth poem to a girl he has not even met and is speaking to for the first time, to some that are blatantly suggesting sexual favors, it really gives a bad name to the other guys out there that use online dating seriously.

To all those who have been saying chivalry is dead, they now have documented proof that it is in fact, on the brink of extinction.