The LVR 'This is a Man's World' Borrows from Gender Theories

LVR Magazine's 'This is a Man's World' editorial re-introduces passé patriarchal ideals into the fashion world. The description encourages all men to borrow from couture craftsmanship when developing their wardrobes, essential for professional and social purposes.

Interestingly enough, while This is a Man's World deliberately celebrates the male gender, many of the models sport womanly looks with shoulder-length hairdos, curled coifs and carefully tweezed eyebrows.

LVR's menswear concepts drew inspiration here from the lines of Dior, Burberry and Maison Martin Margiela. A sartorial brand of style provided the focus for the shots, seen in the collection of long, thin ties, leather purses, crisp blazers and lace up shoes. Watches, rings and necklaces served to cover the necessary accessory bases with pieces by Alberto Fasciani and SuperDuper.