Kor Releases BPA-Free 'Thirst for Giving' Bottles in Fun Designs

 - Nov 19, 2009
References: popsop
If you're bored of aluminum or glass bottles, try one of these hip, Kor bottles from the limited edition “Thirst for Giving” line. They're BPA free and reusable, so you'll be doing yourself and the environment good. Plus they look fantastic and part of the proceeds go to charity!

There has been so much emphasis on drinking sufficient water throughout the day that water bottles have boomed with popularity, appearing everywhere from Walmart to your granny's car. For a while, just about anyone could be found toting a plastic bottle -- be it at the gym or strolling through the mall -- but after researchers did studies on the harmful BPA in these bottles, glass and aluminum bottles became the next hydration go-tos.

The Kor bottle offers yet another alternative, and a stylish one at that. Their latest BPA-free reusable water bottles, the “Thirst for Giving” line, feature nature-themed graphics in a variety of colors, as seen in the gallery. The proceeds of this specific collection go toward green non-profits.