The 'EnFilm' Thin Battery is Designed for the IOT Product Market

 - Jan 15, 2016
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With technology like wearables and smartphones becoming essential for consumers, the development of thin battery technology as seen with the 'EnFilm' is becoming integral. Being that products are becoming smaller and more body-oriented than ever, the 'EnFilm' battery pack is designed with the Internet of Things (IOT) in mind.

Providing substantial power to connected devices is crucial to ensuring the product performs as intended. As such, the 'EnFilm' thin battery is designed to hold a steady charge, is rechargeable and just 0.25mm in thickness.

Wearable sensors for health tracking in the consumer goods market and in healthcare are becoming more pervasive than ever. The 'EnFilm' is a product type we're likely to see more of in the near future as brands seek out effective, efficient ways to power technology.