The 'Wongderland' Commercials Show Services That are Made from Dreams

 - Aug 31, 2016
References: youtube & adsoftheworld
In a theme park ad titled 'Wongderland,' advertising agency 'Wunderman Phantasia' of Lima, Peru, attempts to instill a dream-like sense of wonder into its viewers. In order to do this, it begins with a small boy playing in a living room, who imagines that his toy car can fly.

At this point, the animated short transitions to Wongderland, where fur-covered friendly monsters walk on a bright green landscape high above reality. Following this, the theme park ad then pans to a little girl who plays with a bright pink horse in the tub, dipping it into the water.

Her father shakes his head and shows her that real horses simply walk on solid ground however, with news of these boundaries being put up on her imagination travelling to the monsters of Wongderland. Soon enough, the father realizes his mistake and encourages his daughter to do what she likes, resulting in the birth of an exuberant new creature on Wongderland and making clear the sense of freedom that the company promotes with its services.