'The World as 100 People' Chart Gives a Snapshot of Human Life

 - May 1, 2013
References: jackhagley & enpundit
The population on Earth continues to go higher with every passing year and 'The World as 100 People' infographic helps to put the various characteristics about human life on our little planet into perspective. The infographic works by scaling the billions of people down to a simplistic 100 in order to offer tangeable statistics we can understand.

'The World as 100 People' infographic is strikingly interesting with a number of useful facts that aren't readily available unless research is proceeded. Some of the findings conclude that while 87 people have clean water to drink, 13 do not, and that while 21 people are overweight, 1 is starving.

Although 'The World as 100 People' infographic is rather simplistic, it helps us to better understand some of the startling facts about our way of life and where we require change.