The Wallaroo Produces Geeky Greeting Cards

 - Jul 3, 2011
References: etsy
Etsy boutique The Wallaroo has created a perfectly coded card to give to a special person in your life.

Designed with a geeky aesthetic, each of The Wallaroo's cards have a nerdy element to it. From Han Solo and Princess Leia with "I Love You - I Know" written in Aurebesh to binary code for love, these cards are a great way to tell your geeky love how you feel.

Additionally, The Wallaroo has designed birthday cards with Tetris themes and Mother's Day cards with R2-D2 and his mother.

Implications - Consumers want unconventional ways to tell their significant other how they feel. By offering unique greeting card alternatives, a company can capitalize on thinking outside of the box while evoking the feeling that the product helps the person stay true to his or her personality.