The Urban Shell Shelter For The Homeless

 - Mar 27, 2007
References: yankodesign
Ever imagine what the homeless do, when you think you can hardly make it from your car to your frontdoor because of the cold and lousy weather? There are just as many homeless when the weather is bad as when the weather is good. Therefore the Urban Shell Shelter was developed as a shelter for changing weather conditions.

"During the night or in cold weather environments, the trolley is placed against a corner protecting the user from rain, wind or snow. The roof cover keeps the safe from water or snow while its lateral covering panels keep them protected from the wind, creating a warm and cozy shelter. During the day or in hot weather conditions its roof protects them from sunlight, while its open structure lets the air pass through, keeping the fresh and comfortable inside."

Not only is the Urban Shell Shelter good for the changing weather, it has a structure for hanging and arranging extra belongings, keeping those out of the wind and rain as well.

They might even borrow Diesel's slogan: The Urban Shell Shelter - for succesful living