'The Temple' Installation by David Best Shows a Scared Space Set on Fire

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: burningman.org & designboom
Burning Man is a festival trademarked for its subversive and avant-garde art projects, and David Best's 'The Temple' installation is a communal-built space that was featured and creatively set on fire. The sculpture was the set of a critique on bonfires in the northern regions of Ireland.

'The Temple' features a square base with a stacked roof made entirely out of panels cut by hand. The installation is built together by the community and acts as a space for visitors to come to and release their emotions and thoughts to eight different altars located inside. The exterior features detailed craftsmanship in the use of patterns, symmetry and artistry throughout. The structure was eventually set ablaze as a potent sign of self-expression.Photo Credits: designboom, burningman.org