'The Science of Getting Drunk' Infographic is Eye-Opening

 - May 25, 2012
References: amog & holykaw.alltop
Recalling what happens when you're drunk is not too hard (depending on how much you drink, that is), but 'The Science of Getting Drunk' infographic details exactly what is going down in your body -- probably more explicitly than you want to know.

Ever wondered how what made you feel so euphoric, why your speech slurs, how it is that you suddenly feel like eating greasy foods or who is more likely to be a heavyweight? This infographic tells it all. From tracing the path that alcohol takes through your body to outlining the different stages of drunkenness -- it is jam packed with relevant and important information.

As a social custom in many cultures, drinking alcohol is a consistent part in many people's lives, though it is shocking how little some know of the potentially dangerous liquid they are pouring down their throats.