The Pulse Cable Gliding System is Simple, Yet Efficient and Innovative

 - Sep 12, 2012
Matej Dubis has dreamed up a new form of transportation for big cities that ticks a lot of impressive boxes. The Pulse Cable Gliding system would take up a fraction of the space, create negligible interruptions to the fabric of streets and structures below it and use minimal external sources of energy to operate.

Skyscraper stations with tiny footprints would be situated throughout the metropolis in some of the more favored locations. Photosynthetic roofs would help to produce power from the sun's rays in order to lower costs and consumption by the amenities inside.

Movements of the gondola-style passenger pods across the Pulse Cable Gliding system are generally enabled by gravity. Once the capsule crosses the halfway point at the lowest part of the cord's slack, knot mechanisms assist by pressing upwards on the line.